Graphic Realism

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Art Work Layaway Contract

An initial Non-Refundable deposit of 25% is required with the remaining Balance to be divided equally in 5 monthly payments with sales tax and
shipping and handling charges added on to the final payment. Payments not made within 15 days of any due date will instigate a cancellation of the
layaway contract and the initial monies will be retained by the Artist and the artwork returned to inventory to sell.

You can arrange for the layaway payment to be automatically billed to your credit card on the due date of each month.

Customer retains the right to pay off layaway early with no penalty.

Artist will retain painting until final payment has cleared. Your order will be shipped upon receipt and clearing of final payment (if shipping/handling
was included in the original contract). This service is extended as a courtesy to our Customers. Customers may make arrangements with Artist to
pick up the painting.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE PAYMENT SCHEDULE BE FOLLOWED. If payment is returned for any reason by Bank or refused by Credit
Card Company, painting is returned to inventory for resale and Client forfeits all deposits.

I (Customer) understand the above terms for the layaway of the piece of art known as:  ________________________________________________
The piece is described as:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________
The purchase price is:  $_________________________     Sales Tax is:  $_______________     Shipping/Handling Cost:  $____________________
A 25% Deposit of:  $____________________ and has been made on _________________________.
Five equal payments of:  $____________________ will be due on ____________________, ____________________, ____________________,
                                                                                                            ____________________, *____________________.
* Sales Tax and S/H charges will be added on to the last payment.   Last Payment - Total Balance Due is:  $____________________.

Credit Card #: _________________________   Expiration Date:  __________     CID#:  __________

Customer Name:      __________________________________________________
Customer Address:  __________________________________________________
                                  City:  _________________________  State:  __________  Zip Code:  _______________

I understand that if I default in my payments by 15 days, the Artist has the right to keep any and all monies paid and to put the artwork back into
inventory for the resale of the piece. The Artist retains the right to decide if the contract can be renegotiated.

Signed by the Artist:         ____________________________________________________     Date: _________________________

Signed by the Customer:  ____________________________________________________      Date: _________________________

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